“What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” Online Group Posts Pics Of Their Broken Cats

People have a whole subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat dedicated to broken cats that got caught acting super weird.

1. He’s Trying To Pass Out In Anger..so Adorable!


2. All Hail To The Light


3. He’s About To Speak Italian


4. Bikinicat.exe Stopped Working

broken catsjasontaken

5. He Fell Asleep Like This


6. Guys, Please, What’s Wrong With My Bat?


7. My Mom’s Cat. 100% Stuck And Not Nearly As Amused As I Was

broken catsshade-tree_pilot

8. Whatever Is Comfy I Guess


9. Is This What They Call Cubism?

broken catsbajinglez

10. He Is Laying On His Back On Top Of The Cabinets With His Eyes Wide Open, Just Staring At The Ceiling

broken catssoccer-law

11. Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

broken catsMyNameGifOreilly

12. *visible Confusion*

What’s Wrong With My Catbajinglez