30 Pictures That Will Satisfy Your Soul With Perfect Perspectives

21. At Work, Blood Dropped Off Of The Butcher Block And Pooled Perfectly On This One Tile


22. These Clouds Line Up Perfectly With The Power Line

satisfying thingskschneids

23. The Line On The Parking Lot Floor Lines Up With The Decal On This Car


24. We Found Our Guide Book Cover On The Appalachian Trail

satisfying thingsChiefPete

25. This Tree Lined Up Almost Perfectly With The Tree In My Mirror. The Black And White Made It Fit Even Better


26. Shadow Fits On The Parking Lines Perfectly

satisfying thingsThisIsNetsu

27. Perfectly Aligned Candid


28. These Tiles Have A Perfect Transition

satisfying things


29. My Pineapple Shirt Lines Up With My Pineapple Tattoo


30. This Coaster Fits My Face A Little Too Perfectly

satisfying thingscarriebeary