30 Pictures That Will Satisfy Your Soul With Perfect Perspectives

11. I Took This A Couple Days Ago, Just Realized That The Kite Is Perfectly Aligned


12. Image Reflected From Double Glazing Window Is Aligned With A Real Image Of Sun And Clouds Behind The Pillar

satisfying thingsTyaden_tyadenovich

13. The Way These Two Rhinos Line Up

George Dian Balan

14. It Looks Like A Single Stream Of Water Is Falling From The Sky To Feed Yosemite Falls

satisfying thingsTheKeyboardist

15. This Skier’s Clothes Perfectly Line Up With The Edge Of The Slope And At First Glance Their Trousers Appear Transparent


16. Curve Appeal

satisfying thingsjoshperrett

17. This Shadow On This Pavement


18. Wearing The Floor

satisfying things


19. The Wife’s Thumb Fitting Perfectly In My Daughters Nose Bridge


20. The Way I Wrapped My Christmas Present

satisfying thingsHit_It_Rockapella