15 of the Weirdest Facts in the History

The lost ocean city

Everybody heard about Atlantis. It appears in numerous books and stories, mankind being fascinated by this evolved civilization that disappeared without a trace. The most concluding evidence that Atlantis existed is in Plato’s narrations. However, even if people tried to locate the area where Plato stated it might have sank, no one ever found any evidence about it.

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The Earhart Enigma

A brave woman, named Amelia Earhart, who lived in the 1930s, attempted to go on a journey around the globe in a plane. At the moment she was flying over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere near the Howland Island, she mysteriously disappeared. Her approximate location was made because before she vanished, she made a radio transmission. The primary assumption was that her plane consumed all the fuel, so she fell and drowned in the ocean. By theories, that the Japanese kidnaped her, or that she worked as an undercover agent for CIA was also loose in the society.

Amelia Earhart

The road beneath the sea

Somewhere in the vicinity of the Bimini Islands, in the Bahamas, a path made out of rocks was found. The discovery is made in 1968 and was initially believed to be sediments that gradually turned into a solid form, due to water pressure. But the formation were of too regular forms, so the belief that they might be a proof of an ancient civilization popped out.

Bimini Road

The Moth-Human

There was a period, between 1966 and 1657, when a creature, rather tall with a body covered by some feathers, was spotted at Point Pleasant, an area in West Virginia. The scarce and bizarre creature was never spotted since then. Although science people considered it to be a straying sand-hill crane.


The indecipherable manuscript

An old and medieval manuscript, written in a language no one knows and filled with drawings of different types of plants and herbs, was found. It is called the Voynich Manuscript, and it is believed to be a sort of pharmaceutical and treatment book. But its roots and real meaning are a mystery.

Voynich Manuscript