15 of the Weirdest Facts in the History

A famous lady called Babushka

A mysterious woman who appeared in a photo shot by some journalism, immediately after John F. Kennedy was murdered. In the pictures, she looks like taking photos of the morbid event. The FBI tried to find out her identity and even invited her to come out publicly. But she never did so. Thus, no one does not know who she is. The name was given because she was wearing a scarf on hear head, looking like a Russian old lady.

Babushka Lady

The murder of Black Dahlia

On the date of 15th January, 1947, a woman was found massacred, in California. The murder was extremely brutal; her body being cut from waist and split in two halves. It seems it was a sexual crime since it was determined she was with a man prior to her dead. The artistic name was given by the newspapers, which loved delegating nicknames to every horrible crime, her right name being Elizabeth Short. The identity of the real criminal was never discovered.

Black Dahlia

The Texas sky lights

Several apparitions of mysterious light over the skies of Texas, near Marfa, were sighted. Many people in the area have pictures and video footage of the light, which sometimes hovered and sometimes moved with a very fast speed. Witness say they were about the size of a basketball. No one knows what they were; some are trying to find some plausible explanations that never confirmed.

Marfa Lights

The infamous Jack the Ripper

There isn’t probably any person who did not hear a story about this fierce criminal. He lived and killed in London, around the year 1888. The particular name was given because no one never knew who he was, and his identity was never discovered. But it was a fact he was attacking only prostitutes, murdering them and ripping their bodies apart.

Jack the Ripper

The monster of the Loch Ness

An immortal pictured traveled around the world, in the attempt to find the truth behind it. In Scotland, in the Loch Ness, a photo was taken, showing a creature with a dinosaur neck coming out of the water. The quality of the picture was poor because cameras back then could not capture pictures at a very large distance. So no one can’t tell, only taking this image, what was out there. The Loch Ness monster was never seen since then.

Loch Ness Monster