40 Things You Can Only See In Europe

Some things are special for some regions or countries. It might be just ordinary in some countries to see anything interesting for another country. Here are 40 things you can only see in Europe.

1. This Is Jean-Baptiste Kempf, The Creator Of The Vlc Media Player, He Refused Tens Of Millions Of Euros In Order To Keep Vlc Ads-Free. Merci, Jean!


2. A Bridge For Wildlife To Cross The Road In Veluwe, The Netherlands


3. In Poland, We Are Slowly Getting Rid Of Advertisements And Billboards Madness


4. Medieval House Built In 1509 In Argentan, Orne, France


5. Today 20 Years Ago At The Strike Of Midnight, The Mayor Of Amsterdam Married 4 Gay Couples As The Netherlands Became The First Country In The World To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage


6. Belarus People React To Lukashenko’s Prohibition Of Pro-Democratic Flags


7. London, UK


8. She (Sanna Marin) Is The New 34 Years Old Prime Minister Of Finland


9. Polish Women Fighting For Their Rights!


10. In Wroclaw, Poland Each Cathedral And Even The Rivers Have A Tactile Model Nearby For Blind People To See Them Too