30 Most Embarrassing Bathroom Design Fails

1. I Feel The Need To Tell The World Regular Faucets Are Ok

Bathroom Design Failspleasehatethesethings

2. There’s No Hope For Humanity. I Know That Now

Bathroom Design Failsnativeproperties

3. Electric Showers For Everyone

Bathroom Design FailsPvDec

4. Attached Bath And Bedroom

Bathroom Design Failsnitrofire1

5. I’ve Always Wanted An Apartment With A Bathtub, But This Is Certainly Not What I Envisioned

Bathroom Design Failsnoisecomplex

6. My Friend’s Bathtub Handles. I-I Just…..what?

Bathroom Design Failsluminite_social

7. Taking A Shower In A Hotel In China

Bathroom Design FailsYonski3

8. My Mom Had Her Guest Bathroom Remodeled While She Was Out Of Town. She Wanted The Shower Head Up High So Tall People Didn’t Have To Crouch Or Lean Way Back. Came Home To Find This, Which Shoots The Water Straight Across To The Opposite Wall

Bathroom Design Fails


9. Someone Peaked In High School Geometry

Bathroom Design Failspleasehatethesethings

10. The Shower In My Grandparents New Bathroom Is Very Nice, Except For One Small Problem…

Bathroom Design FailsQuinny_Bob