30 Pics Of People Having A Worse Day Than You With Their Homes

21. The Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Has An Antifog Section. Unfortunately, I’m 5’2″

worse dayBommie20

22. My Friend Fell Down The Stairs In Our Airbnb


23. Ordered A New Chlorinator For The Pool, The Instructions Came On Vhs

worse dayYashkamr

24. Nothing Better To Start Your Morning Than Dropping A Full Jar Of Glitter


25. Flooded Basement Quickly Becomes An Ocean


26. Tempered Glass Lid Shattered, Giving Me Schrodinger’s Stir-Fry

worse daymagnalbatross

27. Anyone Else Have To Remove Their Washer Agitator Because They Washed A New Box Of Staples, Or Is It Just Me?


28. Bird Shat On My Window While It Was Open And It Got Splattered On My Bed


29. Yesterday My Pen Exploded In My Dryer. Today, This When I Get Home After Another 13 Hour Work Day. Take A Shot For Me Today Please

worse dayBlotzkrieg

30. Thought I Bought Forks