30 Pics Of People Having A Worse Day Than You With Their Homes

11. My Wall In My Apartment After Dating A Psycho

worse daykoolaidjammersz

12. My 20 Year Old Tree Planted When I Was Born Got Uprooted In A Wind Storm Back Home Last Night


13. This Is The Side Of My House

worse dayinDgenious

14. Have Cats They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said (No Cats Were Harmed And No Plants Were Seriously Injured)


15. First Thought It Was Rice On My Garbage Can This Morning But A After Closer Look They Were Moving…

worse dayAgnar_95

16. Tornado-Driven Murder-Branch Impales My House Directly Above My Kid’s Bed


17. Our Neighbor’s 80′ Locust Tree Gave Us Some Live Edge Sky Lights, A Great View Of The Stars, And That Rainforest Cafe Atmosphere That Our Living Room Had Just Always Been Missing. No Injuries, Dogs Pissed The Bed, Life Goes On…

worse dayBloomshockalocka

18. This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building


19. Got Home From Vacation Only To Find Out Our Fridge And Freezer Have Been Dead For 10 Days

worse daydeadfeather19

20. Found Out My Neighbor Sleeps With A Loaded Firearm Today. (Corner Of My Computer Desk Right Behind My Monitor)