People Shame The World’s Worst People In An Online Community

11. One Of Reasons People Riot

worst peopleAnalForklift

12. Jim Carrey Is The News Now I Guess


13. Sometimes, When People Get Depressed, They Smash Their Own Face In, Pour Acid On Their Genitals, And Shoot Themselves. Apparently

worst peoplepanopticon_aversion

14. Why Are The Kardashians Famous In The First Place


15. Poor Orcas


16. Couldn’t Imagine


17. Wtf U.S.

worst peoplehealthlgbtq

18. The Us Justice System


19. This Man R**ed Then Killed A 10 Yrs Old Girl Named Katie , When One Of His Inmates Heard The Story He Tattooed ” Katie’s Revenge ” On The Rapist’s Forehead By Force

worst peoplekx11

20. I Didn’t Know About That