The Atlas Of Beauty: Photographs Of Women From 37 Countries Show Beauty Is Everywhere

We’ve all seen these beautiful posts of equally beautiful women circulating around Facebook, Twitter, etc. These posts are full of gorgeous women that are photographed by the talented young photographer that is on a mission to show the beauty of women around the world. Mihaela Noroc is quickly making a name for herself with these breathtaking photos that she takes in her travels, and her talent is praised along with the subjects she’s chosen.

Noroc’s trip around isn’t simply a joyride. She shares that her adventures have landed her in a series of locations around the world and economic statuses that teach her beauty isn’t about a perfect figure or a muscular appearance, or cosmetics that cost an arm and a leg just to purchase. She was taught that it is simply about being yourself and enjoying where you are in your life, that is what makes each woman in the photograph so beautiful. Immersed in their own lives and cultures, each subject was simply living away and enjoying every moment of it. That beauty is captured on film with Noroc’s incredible subtle skills.

Kathmandu, Nepal

In the criticism about why she chose only young females, Noroc explains that financial needs forced her to choose a small age group and travel plan, even though ideally she’d love to explore every country of the world and show that beauty is everywhere, no matter the location, social status, gender, or age.  So, for this time around, Noroc chose those that represented where she was in life; a young woman in her element and loving it.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Tibetan Plateau, China

different countries women

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

She wants to catch women in their day to day activities, living their normal lives, and not dressing up for the camera.  She shares that the best way to capture the beauty she is looking for is doing it naturally and without discretion.  She chooses people she meets on the streets to be her subjects, and this is where she finds the raw footage she is now famous for.

It’s inspiring to see the photos going around the internet, further proving to us – a society that is quick to put someone down for not fitting into the stereotypical image of beauty – that Noroc is on the right track is looking for those that could be considered beautiful no matter where they are or where they come from.  There is no need to stick to our stereotypes, and this one of a kind, intelligent, and caring photographer is quick to point that out through her art.

Continuing to work the only way she can, Noroc continues her travels and looks forward to capturing more beautiful women in the streets.  She understands that this is her biggest desire in life, to go to every country, find the beauty there, and share it with the rest of the world.  She shares her photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and every other social media platform she can access.  The point is to get the beauty out there so everyone knows it exists, and she’s doing it perfectly.

Ramallah, Palestine

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

different countries women

Pyongyang, North Korea

Amazon Rainforest

different countries women

“A few months ago I entered in the Amazonian jungle of Ecuador to capture images for The Atlas of Beauty. In a Kichwa tribe, with hundreds of years old rules, I found a very expressive young woman. She dressed in her wedding dress (yes, this is her marriage outfit) that she used when she was 15 years old (yes, people from this tribe may get married at that age) and let me take her some photos in her courtyard.”

El Paico, Chile

different countries women

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