This Wild Horse Just Realized He Was Rescued, And His Reaction Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

While you may have heard about dogs that spend their lives chained up, I’ll bet you’ve never heard about the chained up horses in Romania.  These are wild horses that spend a lot of their time with their hind or front hooves chained together so that they can’t escape.  It is a common practice, unfortunately, and one that many animal advocates hate.  This one particular scenario shows how a man calmed the wild beast so that he could unchain him and allow him to run wild and free.

It is a sweet scene that you have to see for yourself.  For anyone who is looking for a sweet video to watch to get some heartfelt adoration into them, this is one that you’ve never seen before.  You’ll love the horse’s reaction, too, and the thank you that this animal loving man gets as a reward.  While those who fight for animals don’t need or expect a reward, it’s still nice to see.

The sweet horse couldn’t help but thank his savior! If you’d like to learn more about Four Paws and their mission, visit their website here.

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