What’s So Ancient Only Internet Veterans Can Remember?

21. Searching Music CDs For “Extras”

Internet veterans

usspaceforce said:
Putting a music CD into the computer to check out the “extras” only for it to load way too slow to do anything with.

FrogLegsAlwaysFresh replied:
The limited addition Deftones album White Pony had a little game on it. I had forgotten all about that, thanks for reminding me!

SyrupBuccaneer replied:
Back To School’s single CD doubled as an Electronic Press Kit which was pretty novel and forward-thinking.

22. Oldschool Website Programming


Old websites written in a notepad file with basic HTML using tables for spacing/formatting and images that took forever to load. This included lower than lo-fi midi audio files that auto played when the site loaded and “webring” affiliation links at the bottom of the page.

People thought making a personal page look professional meant it looked like a newspaper column with a “table of contents” link list on the left side in traditional roman numeral style list.

23. The Encarta Encyclopedia Mindmaze Game

Internet veterans

jolloholoday said:

JerseyJedi replied
Anyone else remember that trivia game built into Encarta, where you had to answer trivia questions to get through this castle where everyone was basically frozen creepily into place and couldn’t be freed unless you made it to the end?

cherrytarts replied:
You mean MindMaze? Young nerdy me loved that game.

24. Pool By Yahoo! Chatrooms

Internet veterans

superwholockian62 said:
Playing pool in yahoo chat rooms.

Korncakes replied:
Oh man my buddy and I would play Yahoo pool for hours every day after school while simultaneously grinding on RuneScape together back in junior high/high school. Dude lived like two blocks away and we spent more time playing games online than hanging out in person.

25. “Turning On” The Internet


Actually having to “switch on” the internet. Opening the shortcut, typing password and clicking connect and then waiting for the dubstep music to finish.

26. Neopets


Qthaker283 said:

glennjersey responded

27. Online Bulletin Boards

Internet veterans

Dialing into the bulletin board.

I’m aware this is not technically the internet, but it was a precursor and one of the things that made the internet possible.

28. Alta Vista Search And Babelfish


Eastern-Release4441 said:
Alta Vista.

ShadyFigure said:
And their Babelfish, the precursor to Google Translate.

Hashpool replied:
Wow when I was in middle school in 2005 they started using a network wide block for all the schools. I remember using Babelfish and other websites that translated well websites and we could circumnavigate around that [nonsense] for a while. Of course they eventually caught in on it. What a time!

29. StickDeath, A Stick Figure Flash Animation Website

Internet veterans

Stickdeath.com. flash animations of stick figures being killed in funny ways.

30. Multi User Domains/Dungeons (MUDS)



Multi User Domains/Dungeons. They were the text only precursors to games like WOW and Everquest.