What’s So Ancient Only Internet Veterans Can Remember?

11. Bringing Your Computer To A Friend’s House To Play Multiplayer

Internet veterans

Having to physically carry your computer around to a friend’s house if you wanted to play multiplayer

12. Cleaning The Gunk Out Of The Mouse


gfyans said:
Having to clean the gunk out of your trackball mouse with your fingernail.

Jrxbrg replied:
I am so glad I don’t have to boil eggs for the new mouse balls anymore.

lightbulbfragment replied:
Really had to boil them a long time to get that good gray color and rubbery texture.

13. Ask Jeeves

Internet veterans

sev45day said:
Ask Jeeves.

Sht_Hawk replied:
I remember me and a friend using Ask Jeeves at school and thinking we had to type things in as questions.

Sad_Ambassador4096 replied:
2nd grade our teacher polled the class what to ask Jeeves because we thought we only got one question.

We went with: “Jeeves, why is it called a pair of pants but not a pair of shirt?”

14. The Hamster Dance

Internet veterans

DriveCreepy9057 said:
Hamster dance is one I think of a lot.

Wyattbw09 replied:

Woofles85 replied:

15. AOL’s Promotional Media


Keithninety said:
Floppy disks and CD’s that came in the mail containing 500 free hours from AOL.

HatchlingChibi replied:
One of my sisters friends decorated their dorm with those. They stuck them on the ceiling and had enough to cover the whole thing. It was interesting decor.

16. Under Construction Gifs For Geocities

Internet veterans

Lindseykkl said:
You forgot the construction worker excavating gifs and the under construction banner!

ricottapie replied:
Please sign the guest book!

discerningpervert replied:
Geocities was the [shirt]

17. Unclaimed Usernames

Internet veterans

R33Gtst said:
Signing up for a new email address and the username not already being taken.

Glorious times.

notyounaani replied:
I took like every free email with my first name and my first name and surname combination which was a mastermind move when I was 12. Sucks to be whoever has the same name as me though.

18. Invitations to GMail

Internet veterans

Having to be invited to GMail.

19. A/S/L, or Age/Sex/Location (primarily used on ICQ)


Ambitious_Nobody7698 said:

SurferRosa85 replied:
I definitely inflated my A from 11 to 16 in the early days of ICQ.

injury_minded replied:
Using 16/f/Cali when I was really 11/f/middle of nowhere, because I just had to seem cool and sophisticated to everyone else in the chatroom.

20. Ye Olde ALT+F4 Trick On AOL Chatrooms


Going into AOL chatrooms and saying, “Hey! They put a fireworks show into the chat! Hold Alt and hit F4 and you’ll see it!”

Then watching as, one-by-one, chatroom participants disappeared.