What Do You Want To Confess That No One Else In Your Real Life Knows?

A Reddit user asked ‘What do you want to confess that no one else in your real life knows?’ and here are 30 of the responses.



Only my girl knows this, i was thinking of killing myself when i came back from working abroad, i was about to do it on a friday, but a friend told me “Hey you wanna come hang out saturday night? just chilling here at home”

I decided to go.

It was actually a surprise welcome party for me, all my friends were there, it was an amazing night.

None of them know, but they saved my life, i wouldnt be here if it wasnt for that.



My giant sexy engagement ring is a created diamond. You (my dear coworkers) all love it to death and go on about how amazing it is because you think my fiance dropped $10,000 on it.

It cost $50 on Ebay and I love it because it’s SCIENCE and not DeBeers.



I’m fully vaxxed as at 3 days ago. Only my wife knows. My entire family and coworkers are all SUPER ANTIVAXX. I’m a closet vaxxer



I have terminal cancer and am tired of the side effects of the treatments and the pain the cancer is causing. I really want to just die and get it over with but my wife and two daughters would be devastated if I stopped fighting.



Compassion fatigue is slowly killing me. I’m so tired. I love my friends and family deeply, but I need a break from being the shoulder to cry on for awhile



I cried over bell peppers today. I always made my dad stuffed orange bell peppers on Halloween. I would cut the little jack o lantern faces out and everything. He’s been dead for three years but today for a second in the grocery store I thought oh that’s right I need orange bell peppers.



I’ve always told everyone my mom died of cancer. She committed suicide. Footnote: So did my son.


My husbands family are all complete c***s. When we first got together I just thought he wasn’t close to them, but now after spending more time with them, I realize they’re all bullies. They constantly ridicule each other and fight and tease my husband for one thing or another. They’re loud and interrupt each other and belittle each other’s opinions. It’s truly a shame that he had to grow up with those dips**ts. He’s really amazing at so many things and has a lot of self loathing because nothing was ever good enough to his family.

He’s made a name for himself and I’m so proud of his hard work and success, but they still just nitpick. I’m on a mission to make my husband have a peaceful adult life where he’s only encouraged. I want to make him see how amazing he is, the way I see him.




How lost and hurt I really am. It’s easier to hide it all and pretend everything is getting better.



In my group of friends consisting of couples in deep relationships, I’m the only single guy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been in a committed relationship for more than 2 weeks. The idea of being part of a couple has always sounded exhausting and it was something I never really worried about rushing into.

I didn’t truly realize how lonely I’ve been until one night playing beer pong, when I was on the same team with one of the ladies (who was a little tipsy), she hugged me after I won the game for us. It didn’t occur to me that since leaving home for college, those types of physical gestures that brought me comfort as a kid weren’t always there for me anymore as an adult.

TL;DR– All I want is to be hugged.