Weird And Wonderful Natural Phenomena

Christmas Island Crabs, Christmas Island

The annual breeding of over 40 million red crabs is so vast in number that fences have been set up to protect crabs from cars, and cars from crab shells which can puncture tyres.

natural phenomena

Dirty thunderstorm, Erupting Volcano

Lightning which occurs in a volcanic plume. Rock fragments ash and ice particles from the plume collide to produce static charges, which create lightning.

Aurora Borealis, Northern Hemisphere

The ‘Northern Lights’ is caused by charged particles from cosmic rays ionizing atmospheric constituents, resulting in light emission as a result of excitation.

Rainbow Eucalyptus, Northern Hemisphere

Patches of outer bark shes annually at different times, Exposing a green inner bark that turns blue, purple, orange, and maroon as it matures. See more.

Earthquake lights, Sky before/during earthquakes

Lights that appear in the sky before or during seismic activity- believed to be caused by tectonic stress and ionizing oxygen which travels through cracks to the surface, ionizing air to produce lights.

Lenticular Clouds, Sky

These stationary lens-shaped clouds form in the troposphere and can be seen in various locations across the world. They are often used to explain reported UFO sightings.

Lenticular Clouds

Rainbow, Sky

Rainbows are formed due to reflection, refraction and dispersion of water droplets- creating the spectrum of light to appear.

Fallstreak Holes, Sky

A portion of clouds containing super-cooled water droplets freezes, creating ice crystals. This draws in the surrounding water and punches a hole in the center of the cloud.

Total Solar Eclipse, Sky

Due to their difference in size and distance from the earth being in almost perfect ratio, the moon can sometimes totally block the sun during its orbit of the earth.

A Red Sunset, Horizon

The sun’s light must travel further through the atmosphere to reach the eye. This scatters the light- and red, having the longest wavelength, is the last to be scattered.