VIVID Sydney Lights Up The City With Colorful Installations And Projections


It’s that time of the year again for Sydney, Australia. Vivid Sydney 2017, the annual light art event is lighting up the city in bright and colorful installations.

The 23 night festival turns Sydney into a wonderland of light art sculptures, and is the world’s largest outdoor art gallery, with seven light precincts and more than 90 large scale light installations and projections. Vivid Sydney is running until the 17th of June, 2017.

In case you can’t make it, here’s a look at a variety of the different installations on show…

vivid-sydney-light-festivalLighting Of The Sales – © VIVID Sydney | Destination NSW | Audio Creatures

vivid-sydney-light-festivalThe Bridge | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalOrganic Vibrations James Horan | Keith McInnes Photography

vivid-sydney-light-festivalBirds Of Lumos | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalChromethesia | Daniel Boud

vivid-sydney-light-festivalMailboX | Daniel Boud


The Sunflowers | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalTwelve Tone | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalWaratah | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalFreedom of Movement |  Dallas Kilponen | Daniel Boud

vivid-sydney-light-festivalMagicians Of The Mist | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalHarbour Lights | Dallas Kilponen

vivid-sydney-light-festivalTumbalong Lights | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalSupernova | Keith McInnes Photography

vivid-sydney-light-festivalUrban Treee | James Horan

vivid-sydney-light-festivalHedron Bulb | Ken Leanfore