Vets Take Pictures Of Cute Animals They Take Care Of

31. My Vet Having Some Fun With A Litter Of Great Danes

cute animalsCamkoda

32. My Baby Huxley Is Going Into Surgery Right Now, The Vet Techs Sent Me This


33. My Vet Sister Laughing Along With A Female Pit Bull

cute animalscloud1997

34. My Mom, A Veterinarian, Just Sent Me A Picture Of One Of Her New Patients


35. Dylan, 11 Month Old Norwegian Forest Cat. Our Vet Tech Carried Him Around The Office To See The Rest Of The Staff For Pets And Pictures. He Was Feeling Proud

cute animalsenrocc

36. Doctor Doggo


37. This Handsome Special Needs Kitten Is Now In Foster Care

cute animalsKern County Animal Services

38. Working At A Vet Clinic Has Its Perks – Like This Pocket Full Of Cuteness


39. I’m A Vet. I Love My Profession


40. Today Is The 8 Year Anniversary Of What Was Definitely My Most Interesting Shift As A Veterinary Receptionist

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