Vets Take Pictures Of Cute Animals They Take Care Of

11. This Vet With A Kitty In Her Pocket


12. Oh My Ears


13. My Mom’s A Vet And Today My Wife And I Got The Chance To Play With This Little Girl

cute animalsmillAh

14. Hammie Going For Checkup


15. A Baby Fox Was Brought To Our Local Vet. Looks Almost Like CGI On This Pic

cute animalsteo_sk

16. Most People Keep Office Supplies In Their Desk. I Keep A Sleeping Pomeranian


17. My Coworker Brought In Her Baby Goat, Matilda. 2.3 Lbs

cute animalsMeggiemugs

18. Girlfriend Is A Vet Tech, She Sends Me Photos Of Handsome Animals Like This All The Time


19. I Will Scratch You All, Once The Vet Is Done

cute animalsBoboMatrix

20. The Second Male Calico The Vet Has Seen In Over 54 Years Of Practice