40 Times People Post Uplifting Lovely Dogs That Will Make Your Day

21. When A President Loves His Dog


22. Just An Old Dog And His Little Buddy

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23. My Senior(Ish) Dog Can’t Swim By Himself Anymore So I Carry Him While He Takes A Dip


24. Spotted This Cutie At The Grocery Store


25. Best Surprise Ever

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26. Ham Saved My Life Yesterday. He Hurt His Paw But I’m Alive Because Of His Bravery. Thank You, Ham. You Are My Best Friend


27. After 9 Years Of Being My Best Friend, He Gets To Be My Best Man

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28. Just A Short-Spined Dog Enjoying Life. His Name Is Quasimodo. Even If You’re Different, You Can Still Enjoy Life


29. Find This


30. And I Never Thought That 17 Years Later, My Best Friend Would Live To Meet My First Child

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