What Are Unwritten Rules Everyone Should Know And Follow?

Everyone knows there are unwritten rules in life for everyone. If you don’t follow them, you have some problems. A Reddit user asked ”What is one ‘unwritten rule’ you think everyone should know and follow?” and here are 40 of the best responses.


unwritten rulesArthurMcSlothington

Never make fun of someone else’s laugh — be it how they sound or how they look. Laughing is the most natural expression of joy and happiness, and for someone to feel self-conscious about that because of other people’s comments is so brutal.



Don’t put your music on speakers when in a public space. It’s not like everyone wants the same genre or was in the mood for music. Get your headphones.



Don’t ever say ‘oh, you’ve only got one child. That must be so lonely for them.’

Because maybe that person tried for years to have that one child, maybe they chose one for good reasons, maybe that had another child that died that you don’t know about.

Or, maybe it’s none of your business how many children people have. Actually, it’s definitely not your business. So, shhhhh.


unwritten rulessas1013

Be kind to people who are working: food staff, medical staff, etc. Don’t take your bad day out on someone else.



For buses/trains/any other public transportation, let people exit first before you get on.


unwritten rulesvaguelyhumanpotato

Don’t say s**t about someone’s appearance if it can’t be fixed in less than 30 seconds. Spinach in someone’s teeth? Let a homie know. Body type? Bad haircut? Worn-out clothes? Don’t need to mention it.



Do not swipe left or right if someone shows you a photo on their phone.


unwritten rulesSpottyBoi

I live by this rule I made after thinking about things late at night.

If someone does something that makes them happy and confident. If it doesn’t hurt them or anyone else, animals included. Then leave them alone, let them do that thing. Let them be happy.



Don’t propose at someone else’s wedding.


unwritten rulesuntakenu

You can be wrong. It isn’t a bad thing, either. And when you are wrong, acknowledge it, and learn from it, you don’t need to dig down in your beliefs to try and comfort yourself because you can’t handle not being right all the time.