30 Pics Of The Most Interesting Collections

Some people collect the most random items out there. Meet the most interesting, wonderful, and entertaining collections!

1. This Is One Of Several Alphabets Assembled By Belgian Type Designer Clotilde Olyff From Stones Collected At The Beach

interesting collectionsamazon.com,kottke.org

2. A Year Ago, I Started Staying In And Peircing State Quarters, Instead Of Going Out And Getting In Trouble. Here Is My Collection So Far


3. I Started Feeding Bar Nuts To These Crows That Are Regular To The Patio Of A Bar I Work At. My Collection Of Gifts Finally Started After 3 Months

interesting collectionssaroj7878

4. My Doctor Has A Kept All The Pictures Kids Have Drawn Of Him

interesting collectionsDrewskie888

5. Perfectly Round Rocks I Found On The Beach. Bonus: Egg, Dorito, And Watermelon Rock


6. This Is My Periodic Table Of Elements With Actual Elements

interesting collectionselectricfoxyboy

7. My Grandfather’s Pencil Sharpener Collection I Inherited

interesting collectionsmattygraddy

8. This Man’s Collection Of Lost Apples Varieties


9. Over The Past 15 Years My Dad Collected 1,785 Bowling Balls And Built A Giant Bowling Ball Pyramid


10. Collection Of Reference Seeds Found In My Grandad’s Attic

interesting collectionsHungryBanana07