People In Quarantine Are Recreating Great Artworks In Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles challenged people in quarantine. Challenge is to recreate great works of art from the Getty online collection using three items and/or people at their home. The response to the challenge came quickly and incredibly creative. There are thousands of hilarious and well-done responses!

1. Neue Galerie New Yorkinspiration Of The Day – Lady With Fan By Gustav Klimt (1917-1918) And The Gorgeous Muse

art recreation at home

2. Mona Lisa

art recreation at home

3. Girl With The Purrl Earring

art recreation at home

4. Salvador Dali – Isolation

5. The Way They Nailed Getty Museum Challenge

6. The Lady In A Fur Wrap

7. Recreation Of Pablo Picasso’s Painting “A Women With A Bird”

8. My Contribution To The Getty Challenge. The Birth Of Venus By Botticelli

9. Lady 1-Ply, Keeper Of Non-Perishables And Protector Of The Soap

10. ‪‘Woman In Biscuits’ Recreation From Gustav Klimt’s ‘Woman In Gold’ By Julia Timoshkova‬