20+ Adorable Cats Who Have Unique Appearance

Take a look at these lovely cats whose unique marks and fur patterns were created by nature and had no help from Photoshop.

1. A Valentine’s day kitty

cats with unique markssaintleelyon

2. These ocean eyes

cats with unique markspixelcowboy

3. A cat with another cat on their face


4. The cutest vampire alive

cats with unique marksvladgrinch

5. A cat with a chessboard on its face

cats with unique marksbsInCells

6. When the cat factory ran out of ink:

cats with unique marksAWU_Hades

7. He looks like Groucho.

cats with unique marksjuanthemad

8. “My parents’ cat has a half and half face. The color of her gums is also half and half.”


9. A charming cat with heterochromia


10. “You can hear him running from another galaxy.”


11. Little devil