37 Times People Share Turning Points Of Their Lives



Telling a long term friend in my social group that I had feelings for her, it basically split our group.

I knew she probably didn’t feel the same way but I couldn’t hold it in anymore I had to say something, if there was even the slightest possibility I needed to know.

Aftermath was very meh.


When I was 7 I was at a Cubscout summer camp (Boyscouts but for smol child) and I saw a Garter snake in the grass. I tried to pick it up, and of course, it bit me. I cried and got myself patched up but from that moment on I’ve been OBSESSED with Reptiles. Their Physiology, Behavior, eating habits, mating procedures, etc. All because I decided to f*** with a Garter.



Going away to college out of state. Met my wife, got her pregnant while we were both in college. With a lot of hard work and a supporting family we both finished with a degree. We got married and now own a home in the state I went to school. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my life would turn out like it did. Zero complaints.



I lied to CPS when I was 13, I finished growing up with my dad instead of being taken away. I knew what I was doing and looking back I wouldn’t change it. I’ve met some wonderful people and I don’t think I would’ve met them if I had told the truth that day



Playing Catch with my Buddy on a Parking lot right after Winter time. I slipped on Rock salt as I threw and tore a bunch of muscles in my back.

Went from throwing 85mph at the age of 15 down to low 70’s. Still played college Ball but I was never the same. My dreams were crushed and I think about it every day.



Dropping out of school illegally in 8th grade, bad decision at the time, led me to join the army at 18, I would have graduated high school at 20.

The army enabled me to invest in real estate, get my current career, it overall set my entire life up for success.



I can trace where I’m at right now in my life to one single event: switching schools in 3rd grade. It’s a crazy butterfly effect and if it didn’t happen I have no clue where I’d be right now.