30 Cute Pics Of Animals Who Had To Travel

Have you ever seen an animal traveling with you? These adorable animals had to travel and some of them really enjoy it!

1. This Is Athena. It’s Her First Train Trip And She’s A Little Scared, But Being Brave As Heck


2. My Wife Is A Flight Attendant And Uses Her Benefits To Help Transfer Animals To Shelters That Value Life A Bit More Than Others. Today’s Guest Was Pepper


3. A Girl And Her Raven On The Running Subway

4. She Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere


5. My Blind Stepdad’s Guide Dog Axel. They Went On A Week Long Pilgrimage And Are Now Returning Home. This Was Him On The Train Hugging My Stepdad’s Foot. Such A Good Boi

travelling petsghost_snakk

6. Saying Hey From The NYC Subway


7. On The Train And Saw This Friendly Face


8. So Apparently We Are Bringing Llamas On The Max Now. I Guess Alpaca Bit Of Extra Snacks With Me Next Time


9. On The Subway


10. On The Train To Manchester