Elderly Couple Recreated Totoro Bus Stop In Real Life, In Japan

A furry character with a cult following Totoro is a big, cuddly, furry monster inspired by the legendary creatures from Ainu folktales called the Koropokkuru.

The 70-year-old couple constructed a hand-made replica of the big animated boy, for their grandchildren using the plastering technique they’ve been practicing for 50 years. The real-life Totoro bus stop is located in Takaharu, Miyazaki, Japan.

No wonder people come for just to take a picture with it. Check out Totoro’s charm which the community can’t resist!

totoro bus stop

Firstly, they made a base with wooden frames.

A base made of cement was also installed so that the finished product won’t be blown away in strong winds.

Multiple layers of concrete were applied to make the Totoro statue.

making a bus stop

Everyone involved seemed to be enjoying the process.

Say “cheese,” big boy—not much is left!

Blocks were added to shape Totoro’s round body better.

After that, it came to the final stage of filling the details.