What It’s Like To Abandon A Pet. Everyone Should See This If They Are Considering Adoption!

A recent video aimed at raising awareness for animal adoption and abandonment has been tugging the heartstrings of the internet since it has gone viral, and the sad story it tells can be credited with the video’s popularity. In the video we see an adorable young child being adopted into a family, where things seem rosy at first. It is then revealed that the little girl is somewhat unruly, acting in a way her new family does not appreciate. Eventually, things go too far and she is horrifically abandoned, where it is revealed the young girl actually represents a dog.

The parallels are startling, as it’s clear just how much care and attention a pet dog requires, much like a young child. Seeing a child being treated in such an abysmal way is very hard to take, yet when its revealed she was a dog all along, it still hits home about how much of a traumatic experience it can be for dogs. The message is clear – only adopt if you are fully aware of the responsibilities involved. You wouldn’t treat a child this way, so there’s no reason why a dog should receive such treatment!