30 Men Share The Most Wholesome Compliments By Women



“You have really nice veins” – nurse giving me a blood test


I had just started wearing cologne for the first time in my life (around 22) and looked up how to actually apply it properly as not to be obnoxious. Weekend comes around I get dressed throw some cologne on and go out to get a coffee and run errands. Get to the Starbucks and order and the barista says “I like your cologne, it smells nice and you have the exact right amount on when most guys WAY overdo it” (paraphrase). I was so caught off guard by such a sincere and innocent compliment I still think of it before even generic GF compliments.




I was told, by a rather drunk lady, that my voice makes her ovaries twitch. I’m used to having people tell me I should be on radio, but that one was unique.


Someone once told me that I was their happy place. I treasure that to this day.



wholesome complimentsAcidaEspada

I got onto an elevator at the last minute one time and an older lady said it reminded her of Indiana Jones, then she said I could do radio with a voice like mine.


Her: “You could lose all your hair and gain weight. I would still think you are amazing.”

I was like: “wow”




Early on in our relationship my now wife told me that she usually didn’t sleep well, except when I was there and then she fell asleep easily. Which is especially impressive at the time given we were cramming me (6’3″) and her (5’11”) into a standard twin bed.


wholesome complimentsImACoolGuy69

A girl said I was understanding



“Your freckles are so cute!” Was said to me by a drop dead gorgeous coworker of mine. Left me feeling like I was on cloud nine.


wholesome complimentsGwall2020

Got a Redhead sweatshirt (brand, not red haired person), cutest girl in the class complemented me on it, still have that sweatshirt