30 Men Share The Most Wholesome Compliments By Women



Delivered for hospice for a few years.

I kept having deliveries to this one facility where there was an old woman in a wheelchair who kept saying, “Hey, pretty man,” whenever I’d walk past.

I’d say hi back but I didn’t think much of it. She probably said that to everyone.

But then one time a female orderly asked her, “Pretty man?” as I was walking away.

“GORGEOUS man,” said the old lady.

Never had that word associated with my appearance before or since.

Thanks, lady.


wholesome complimentsVict0r117

One time a buddy of mine was making fun of my hat and a random hot chick said “No! It looks super good on you.”

I wore that hat almost every day after for 3 years until it wore out.


This exchange literally made me cry.

Me: Its not like I have women all over me, I dont know why you think I’m a catch.

Her: I dont know why you think you’re not.




During Halloween I took off my mask and some girl said. “Damn you should keep that mask off more often.”

Cute Girl.



Last week a very good client told me she likes working with me because I have joy in my demeanor


wholesome complimentsjibafij

21 years old at the orthodontists getting a retainer fixed. Nurse who was probably only a few years older than me told me I had really nice blue eyes, while her fingers are all in my mouth. I’m gonna hold onto that one for awhile.



As a child, after a suicide attempt, a nurse once told me that superman doesn’t exist. The reality is that most people don’t care about me. I have to take care of myself, because no one else will. I have to be my own hero, and I have the strength to do that. It was tough love, but it saved my life.


wholesome complimentsstupidlyugly

During the divorce process, my ex-wife said of me and our now grown daughter, “You are her home.”

For all the years of cold indifference and soul crushing disapproval, it was unspeakably nice to see that email.


A woman in the lobby of a medical centre with a baby in a pram asked me to keep an eye on it for a moment. I said ‘are you sure about that’ and she said I just looked like someone she could trust.

I was touched, and she was right.



Shortly after I graduated from college, I got this e-mail from my best friend’s girlfriend. Not having much of a life, I was a frequent third wheel on their dates. She was a year behind us, so she was still in college after I had finished.

Anyway, she just goes on and on in this e-mail about how much she misses seeing me around campus and hanging out with me. The line that stuck with me was, “Of all the people I know, you’re the one I most want to see happy.”

Closest thing I ever got to a love letter.