Amazing Photos From The Bosch Parade, The Sailing Parade In The Spirit Of Jheronimus Bosch

Bosch Parade honors Jheronimus Bosch as a storyteller and inspiration. His paintings are mysterious picture stories in which he illustrated his time in an unconventional way. Jheronimus Bosch was also the very first genre painter: the first painter to acknowledge commoners, by giving them a full role in his works.

This floating poetic parade of artworks(second image) displays a universal tale of power and counterforce, battle and rapprochement, chaos and hope. From the chaos, after the battle, a new order has to emerge. Eventually, old opposites will form the foundation for new hope in this storyline filled with symbolism and fantasy – as it is in Jheronimus Bosch’s works.

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floating exhibit
Spirit Of Jheronimus Bosch

carnival in river

Sailing Parade
exhibit on river

Bosch Parade

carnival view

masks on