30 Hilarious Quarantine Signs By People

Staying at home 24/7 due to the quarantine of coronavirus encourages people to do things. Some people have been making funny signs to describe their everyday reality of living in isolation. There’s a compiled list of some of the most amusing quarantine signs!

1. He’s Got A Point

funny quarantine signs

2. Anyone, No?

quarantine signs

3. Strict Dad

Joy-Chris Martin

4. My Parents Wouldn’t Let Me In… Something About “Not Being On This List”

funny quarantine signs

5 The Sign At The Pizza Place I Go To

quarantine signs

6. My Local Shop Putting Up Signs Of 2011 Memes Due To The Lack Of Toiletpaper

quarantine signs

7. Columbus, Oh

quarantine sign

8. My Sister Sent Me A Picture Of My Newborn Niece For My Birthday, Since I Haven’t Been Able To Meet Her Yet

funny quarantine signs


9. She Held Up A Sign In Her Window Saying She Needs More Beer, And Before Long She Was Suprised With 150 Cans Of Her Favorite Ale


10. While Updating A Bathroom, I Left A Surprise Under The Floor For The Next Remodeler