Sweden has introduced a 6-hour working day, and there’s a great reason for it



Many of us love the idea of earning a living in the sense that it provides for us.  It’s pretty much critical to having a successful life, but it can sometimes be hard to accomplish.  This is because most of us work 8-10 hours a day andover time it wears us all out until we can’t stand the idea of working at any point in the future.  It’s sad, really, as working at this amount can often make people hate things that they would normally love.  Sweden has broken the mould, however, with the idea of a 6 hour work day.  The same amount of work gets done and those in the field are finding themselves more energetic and having time for their lives outside of work, making them much happier when they come to work.  Here’s to hoping that more of the world takes on this plan so we can all enjoy the same things for ourselves around the world.  Somehow, I have a feeling that it will be quite a while until we will see that for ourselves.



Source: independent

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