Largest Wooden City to Be Built in Stockholm

The project to build the largest urban wooden city is currently underway in Stockholm, Sweden by Atrium Ljungberg. This daring attempt will cover an area of 250,000 square meters in Sickla which is in southern Stockholm. However, the premise of the city is not only being made out of wood. The true goal of the project is to provide Sweden with cleaner and more environmentally friendly accommodation. Moreover, to become an example for other European countries that contribute to global warming in great numbers would be another upside.

Largest Wooden City

According to recent studies traditional buildings that of metal are accountable for 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions. If the project in Stockholm becomes a success, it will surely be the first step in a new age of buildings. Buildings that pose as little threat as possible to the environment and atmosphere.

Largest Wooden City residents

Primarily, the project is aiming to have 2000 houses and 7000 business spaces. While thousands of people will be able to live and work in the Stockholm Wooden City, many more will be able to have entertainment through food, sports, and cultural places. The architects of the project have stated their ultimate goal. What they are going for is to give Stockholm a dense, open space that resembles a forest. Through the mix of this natural aura and modern design, the city will be a unique and vibrant location.

Largest Wooden City from above

Probably, many people first think that wood is flammable, so building a wooden city is not practical let alone safe. However, there is no need for concern. This is because the designers are using fire-proof mass timber to build the city.

Largest Wooden City building

Moreover, timber is much healthier than metal. Many studies have shown that timber buildings allow superior air quality and in fact lead to lower stress levels. In addition, timber buildings are able to store carbon dioxide much more than metal buildings. The wooden district of Stockholm is expected to see its first completed building in 2027.

Largest Wooden City square
Atrium Ljunberg
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