These 24 Stunning Reflection Photos Will Turn Your World Upside Down

You have probably never heard of this art-form, but you will know all about it soon, because of the quality of pictures it creates.  Reflection photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography because it requires the photographer to approach perspective in an entirely different way.

The art of taking photos of reflections to lead to unique photos – and photos within photos. However, you have to work hard to reap the benefits – sometimes you’ll have to hang upside down or work at very odd angles in order to get the elusive shot. The results though are worth it, with some pictures looking as though they could only have been created using Photoshop. These 25 photos are incredible examples of this art-form.

Inception In New York

Reflection PhotosTrey Ratcliff

Milan Reflected In A Tuba

Reflection PhotosDiego Bardone

Prague In A Wine Glass

Reflection Photosimgur

Chicago Reflected On Lake Michigan

Reflection PhotosMarc Hersch

An Illuminated Bridge In Comacchio, Italy

Reflection Photosuccio78

Surreal Self-Portrait With A Mirror Shard

Reflection PhotosPaul Apal’kin

Street Lamp

Reflection PhotosMarco Britto


Reflection Photos


Girl Peeks At Apple On Reflective Table

Reflection PhotosPhilip Cornish

Grand Palace Reflected On Table In Lille, France

Reflection Photoselessar91

The World Upside Down

Reflection PhotosPatty

La Defense Reflections in Paris

Reflection PhotosDaniel Vine Garcia