21 Stories About Pets That Will Pull Your Heartstrings

11. “Deaf, nearly blind, 17 years old but still shares his love every day.”


12. “Violet was an Easter present to a young child who lost interest. She was kept in a tiny cage in their basement and forgotten about. Now she lives cage-free and sleeps in bed with me every night.”


13. “My husband found our cat when he was an infant kitten and cared for him 24/7. Over a year later, he still thinks my husband is his birth mother. It’s adorable.”


14. “Airlines wouldn’t fly my dog, so I drove from one city to another. I’d never leave you behind, girl.”


15. “My majestic cat. This was taken on the first day in weeks she felt like herself after the antibiotic treatment kicked in.”


16. “My girlfriend and her cat 20 years apart!”


17. “My best bud just turned 9 years old, and his gray hair makes him twice as precious.”


18. This senior dog owner is a bus driver. The dog goes with him to work every day.


19. “My boyfriend never had a pet and my cat hates him even though he loves her. I suggested we get a kitten so that he could feel kitty love. They’re inseparable.”


20. “My rabbit’s kisses were the best. She’s no longer with me and I miss her so much.”

21. “We just retired and we’re staying with our daughter’s dogs. Every evening at the appointed time, they all gather for cookie time with Grandpa.”



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