Gorgeous Examples of Soviet Mosaics

Soviet mosaics that still decorate many buildings may be called a specific kind of art that deserves care and timely restoration.

Mosaics were also used for different purposes. They were documenting historical events, scenes from everyday life, plants, and animals. At the same time, they were also an instrument for delivering political messages.

Originally in the style of socialist realism, the officially sanctioned art form of the USSR, public murals of this ilk began to appear all over the Union in the 1930s

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, much of the vast empire’s public art—or propaganda—have perished as well. Socialist Realism was the dominant style of the day—that is, art that bolstered the socialist message by glorifying the proletariat and celebrating civic triumphs.

The Soviet elements of the cities are not just manifested in wide avenues and drab apartment blocks, but also in the vast murals and mosaics that adorn many buildings.

We collected some of the interesting pieces of Soviet Mosaics.

Institute for Nuclear Research, Kiev

soviet mosaicОстровский Александр, Киев

A Soviet couple is immortalized on the side of a ferro-alloy plant in Zestafoni.

soviet mosaic georgiaNino Siradze

On the same ferro-alloy plant, this mosaic served as a reminder that, through incredible group effort, the U.S.S.R. sent the first man to space.

soviet mosaicNino Siradze

Comprehensive school, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Mosaic fragment by unknown author, 1960s, ceramic mosaic, ceramic tiles.


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Army Sports Club Stadium, Lviv, Ukraine. Mosaic fragment by unknown artist, early 1980s, colored smalt.


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Ortachala Fire Station mosaic (1979) by G. Kervalishvili Tbilisi, Georgia


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A mosaic in Semey, Kazakhstan

soviet mosaic

1977-1979 painting on relief by Ernest Kotkov at the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, Kyiv

soviet mosaicYevgen Nikiforov

Alla Horska, Victor Zaretskyi, Halyna Zubchenko, Hennadii Marchenko, Hryhorii Synytsia, “Prometheuses” (1965) on School №5, Donetsk

soviet mosaicValentyn Siniavin

Ada Rybachuk, Volodymyr Melnychenko, “Magical Fiddle” (1963-1968) at Kyiv Palace of Children and Youths, Kyiv

soviet mosaicYevgen Nikiforov

1980s ceramic mosaic by H. Soldatov on Vinnytsia Interregional College №4, Vinnytsia

soviet mosaicYevgen Nikiforov

Mosaic ensemble on 17-27 Premohy Avenue, Kyiv

soviet mosaicYevgen Nikiforov