These Dogs Spent Most Of Their Lives Chained Up…Until Kind Strangers Did This!

Are you ready for another adorable story about how kind strangers rescued some dogs?  Well, this is a new one that will help you out for sure!  This is the story of two kind dogs, Oreo and Mama.  They were rescued by a elderly woman when she found them abandoned by her neighbour and have been living with her ever since.  Though she loves her animals a lot, she doesn’t have the means to take care of them properly, until the Coalition to Unchain Dogs came into her life.

This is an organization that comes in to spay/neuter the dogs, put up fences, and give the owner access to food and other necessities for the dogs.  They are professional and provide all of their free services without judgement to those who need them.  These are the kinds of people we need more in the world, don’t you agree?