30 Funny School Pranks From ’Innovative’ Students

21. After Days Of Grading Papers, I Stumble Upon This. “Oooh. Wait A Second…”


22. A Kid In My Class Spent The Whole Period Plotting The Cal Teacher


23. Usually I’d Say Decorating Graduation Caps Are Dumb But


24. “Post No Bills” Saw This All Over My Campus

school pranksTheJoren

25. Seen On A College Campus


26. My Dad Just Texted Me This. Student Submitted This For His Final

school pranksDrachte

27. In Grade Eleven I Secretly Changed My Name On Photo Day. Nobody Noticed So It Got Printed On My Student Card

school pranksEricMory

28. A Class Of Students Were Required To Pick A Marvel Character To Embody Within A Resume And Cover Letter. This Is What One Student Handed In


29. The Teacher Asked For A 16 Line Poem, This Is What This Kid Turned In


30. I Was The Editor Of My College Newspaper. I Hid Things In It. My Name Is Sean