30 Funny School Pranks From ’Innovative’ Students

11. My Uni Has A New Program For Special Students. This Program Has Special ‘Caged’ Rooms

school pranksDarth_Pepe

12. Saw This On The Board In Class Today


13. Some Guys At My School Thought It Would Be Funny To Pass Around A Pineapple Shirt On Picture Day


14. A Graduate Always Pays Their Debts


15. Cheeto Communication

16. I Thought We Were Supposed To Have Grown Up In University. I’m Glad We Haven’t


17. Poor Dr. Hedgehog

school pranksprawnhead

18. This Kid At My School Wears This Every Wednesday Just To Screw With Everyone’s Heads

school pranks


19. In A Family Bathroom At My University


20. Told My Students They Could Use A 3″ X 5″ Notecard For The Final Exam

school pranksprofcyclist