30 Funny School Pranks From ’Innovative’ Students

Here is a hilarious list collected from ‘innovative’ student pranks. Take a look at these creative school jokes!

1. So My Calculus Professor Found This Posted On The Door To His Office Today By A Student

school prankssuperp0s

2. Provide An Example Of A Risk

school pranksjackrunbackwards

3. They Were Good

school pranks

4. There’s A Guy At A College That Rants Every Day About How Everyone Sins And Someone Made A Bingo Game To Go Along With Him

school prankslittleb1ackbird

5. In College My Dad Had To Do An Art Project. He Drew A Stamp On A Letter And Mailed It To Himself. He Received An A

school prankstmurch17

6. My Brother Graduated From Online School

school pranksreddit.com

7. On A Door At University

school pranksIcyMango

8. Had A Student Tell Me He Was Going To Have A Dinosaur Crush My Car Because I Failed Him On An Exam. This Is What I See Today

school pranks


9. I Wanna Know Where They Got A Working Chandelier


10. We’re The Graduating Class Of Peninsula High This Year (2015). They Told Me I Could Make The T-Shirts. Look What Just Arrived

school pranksCairoSmith