30 Scary Unexplainable Things That People Lived


unexplainable thingsBranden_the_Dj

We were all completely sober , quick preface.

I’m currently driving home from my lunch break so I’m using Siri to talk hopefully this makes sense. So back in the summer we had a huge friend trip to Lake Powell. For anyone that has been there you know it’s absolutely beautiful, anyways we were boating through the canyons and going deeper and deeper into the canyons lake Powell.

At one point I thought in my mind something along the lines of “damn, this place is so beautiful it almost looks fake or like it was designed to look this way by something” when I started saying that in my mind, a friend turned around to me and said “dude, it feels like we’re in a movie and we are looking at movie props, it looks so fake” and I turned around and looked and and said “dude what the fuck did you just say? I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING.”

We were both freaking out about it but then it got a little freakier. We were sitting at the back of the boat looking at our 10 or so friends standing up while the boat was slowly going through the canyons, and as I watched them looking at the scenery I experienced an altered state of conscience. The best way to describe it is the façade of the human experience was dropped and all of a sudden my friends looked like gods or angelic beings experiencing “earth” and just enjoying the moment.

My friend turned to me and said, “dude, look at our friends, they’re so beautiful and alive, they look like angels!” And I knew at that moment we were both experiencing the same thing.

The best way to describe what we saw, is it looked like we placed ourselves in a video game and were enjoying what we created. It’s super hard to describe this experience. If you’ve seen maze runner, you know how they make you forget everything before you go into the maze but yet you had an existence before? It felt like that! That nature of reality teased us and slightly withdrew, and we saw our friends and this earth for what it could truly be for a brief moment in time

EDIT #1. I heard a story of a man who experienced something similar where at random times he also would “tap in” to this outside reality whilst being sober. He came up with a theory that human consciousness and our Brains can act like a Needle finding the groove on a vinyl record. Once we tune it specifically and find ourselves in this “groove” music can be played, or in other words, we can start experiencing some fascinating things. I have to find where I read this though, but supposedly it happens randomly to a lot of people!



This has to be the strangest thing to ever happen to me, I discovered it a few months ago and it’s played on my mind because I have a lot of health problems too.

Last year my dad passed away, we visit the graveyard quite often and go to various family members graves.

It’s a Muslim Grave yard, so they usually have the fathers name and other details on the gravestones.

Near my uncles grave, the one just in front of it has my name on it, my name is spelt a little differently to the common spelling, it was exactly like mine on the gravestone, first and last names.

It’s got the same birth date as me.

To add to the strangeness, My dad (who also has an uncommon spelling to his name) was from a small village in Kashmir. On the grave it has the name of the persons father, my dads name with the uncommon spelling.

On the gravestone is stated that the father is from a village, guess where the person’s father was from? Yep, the same village.

It’s really weirded me out, I know people from that village and contacted them to see if anyone heard of this person other then my dad, no one seems to have heard of him.


unexplainable thingsnanamarija

I went out, parked in front of a store, bought a 6pack of water and went to register nr2, paid with change.

Half an hour later, I remembered I wouldn’t be going out anytime soon again so I decided to buy more water, and everything happened in the exact same order, I parked at the same spot, entered, bought a 6pack, register 2 is free, same girl working there, I even paid with same amount of change coins. She looked at me with a bit of horror and confusion but couldn’t see me smiling under my mask.



It’s 8:10 and I’m still eating dinner as I write this, I am not intoxicated. As I’m eating cheese sticks I hear a crackling of the kitchen floor but I don’t hear anyone moving around. I keep eating and a few moments later I swear my dog was just at the side of the table begging for food, now when we got this dog from the pound she was BIG, we had to slim her down we used to call her “Keg” but every Christmas I would give her a little bit of what I’m eating just a little “gift”.

I think she showed up this Christmas :) I’m still in shock because it was so vivid but I’m happy.


unexplainable thingsczw5377777777

It’s the weirdest shit. I was going through my photos and deleting some pictures for the sake of space and every so often I’ll come across a pic of me with that shirt on. Then I’d go “I loved that shirt what happened to it?”

It’s impossible that I left it somewhere in public and forgot to take it home because this happens to tshirts and long shirts! I don’t recall a single moment I’ve taken my shirt off in public forgetting i that I left the house with clothes on and just go home without a shirt, that would be ridiculous!