You fixed the drippy bathroom faucet… Why? Why would you do this to me?

sad animalsMohamedMostafa4

All my friends told me to try a box, but look at what my owner gave me — it’s a BOWL. I’m so sad.

sad animals

He just watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

sad animalspearlriver

I get so confused by his expression… Is he sad or is he curious?

sad animalstayloreep

There’s a happy dog face in the folds of this sad dog’s forehead.


Real life ’Sad Sam’

sad animals

Meet Millie, my adorably grumpy English Bully

sad animals

I don’t want to just sit in the shade. Let’s play!!

sad animals

My dachshund is sad that his arms will never be long enough to take an adequate selfie.

sad animalsoduar

sad animalsskeeze