Many-Colored Rush Tyrants Display Seven Hues On Their Tiny Bodies

Many-colored Rush Tyrant is a tiny bird that grows to be about three inches. And yet, they manage to fit seven distinct colors into their tiny package.

This is called a Many-colored Rush Tyrant and they only grow to be about three inches long on average.

 Many-colored Rush Tyranton_the_fly_bird_photography

In fact, their coloring is what has earned them the nickname siete colores, which means “seven colors” in Spanish.

 many-colored rush tyrantguidemeinchile

The largest concentrations can be found in Argentina and Uruguay, with pockets in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and southernmost Brazil.

 many-colored rush tyrantklassmannphoto

Though their colors make them popular photography subjects, they can be hard to get a clear pic of.

 many-colored rush tyrantklassmannphoto