The Many-Colored Rush Tyrant Is A Tiny Bird With Vibrant Colors

The many-colored rush tyrant is a tiny bird that has vibrant feathers. This cute bird is widespread along the coastal lowland of western Peru.

This is called a many-colored rush tyrant and they only grow to be about three inches long on average.

many colored rush tyrantsbitran

In fact, their coloring is what has earned them the nickname siete colores, which means “seven colors” in Spanish.

many colored rush tyrant on_the_fly_bird_photography

The largest concentrations can be found in Argentina and Uruguay, with pockets In Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Southernmost Brazil.

many colored rush tyrant

Though their colors make them popular photography subjects, they can be Hard to get a clear pic of.

many colored rush tyrantklassmannphoto

many colored rush tyrantklassmannphoto