People Share Things That 100% Ruin A Movie For Them Every Time

21. The whole “america good, russia/middle east/any other f**king (insert noun here) bad” trope. It’s such a tired and obnoxious ego stroke. Case in point… Independence Day. People are shooting at the aliens with all sorts of guns and they don’t even flinch… Willy punches one wearing a full space suit and somehow knocks it out cold?! Then says “welcome to erf!” Ugh… cringed so hard it hurt.


22. When there’s a 20+ year age gap between the leading actor and actress and it’s not addressed in the movie, especially when the movie pretends like they’re around the same age.
“We’re both experienced, leading scientists in our fields, even though I look like a grizzled war veteran and you’re fresh off the set of High School Musical.”

ruin movieswarriorgramma

23. The very strong/smart main villain turning weak/dumb in the end fight so the heroes can win.

ruin moviesnothing_in_my_mind

24. When it’s very obvious when someone isn’t actually having a conversation on the phone. They just say their lines without giving enough pause for the other person to respond. I also hate when you’re supposed to be looking at security footage but it’s clearly just a previous shot that’s had a filter put over it.

ruin moviescoldfury18

25. Badly implemented product placement. Product placement itself doesn’t bother me. If there’s a character driving a Toyota, or eating a Pizza Hut pizza, I don’t care. If there’s a pointless shot in the movie that shows the f**king Bud Light logo for 10 seconds, I mind

ruin moviesJaiTheGuy69

26. When all you have to do is beat the boss and the entire army just collapses. Pretty much every alien and robot-using invasion has this hive concept.


27.Teenagers who sound like screenwriters trying to sound cool.
Never in the history of humanity have two 15 year olds randomly recited 18th-century poetry to each other on the day they met, and all those snarky remarks makes the kids sound insufferable and annoying a lot more than clever.
Also notice that somehow every clever 15 y.o. always listens to music that was huge when the screenwriter was growing up, never something that is… you know… listened to by 15 year olds… as if there was no good music around presently.


28. I know it sounds cliche, but movie clichés. Like in hallmark films. Busy business woman doesn’t have time for love. Goes home for Christmas because something is wrong and could be her parents last Christmas. She meets a guy. Too busy to enjoy life. A parent dies. She realizes she needs to enjoy life more. Gets together with guy. You can just tell the way s**t is going to go because the movie is already cliché. Or in action films. Oh let me guess, X is behind that door isn’t he? Or he was. Look at that.


29. Just 10 seconds left before the bomb explodes. The hero is taking all the time in the world to kiss and hug his girlfriend a last goodbye before returning to deactivate the bomb..


30. When they explain the plans like…to an 8 year old.
I like movies where things just happen.