Cat ‘LEGOS’ For People Who Can’t Get Enough Of Cats

If you like cats and you like Legos then you will love Lego cats. These life-like Lego cat statues are fun to place in just about any location in your home. You could put them in your living room or office to fool others with or to just make your house feel cat-friendly without having to actually take care of any cats.

JEKCA is the company in Hong Kong which makes these Lego cat sculptures. Each one is about 1.6 feet in length and you can choose from a variety of colors and positions for your cat statue. The company does not cater to any specific breeds of cats so you can only request colors and cat positions

The cost of one Lego cat statue is $66. However, the cat does not come preassembled. You are given the cat kit and instructions on how to build it yourself with the Legos provided. Once the sculpture is complete, they will remain durable rather than break apart. So, if you’ve got an old cat that you want to honor after it’s dead or you simply want to add more “cats” to your household, then this would be the perfect way to do that. The company even offers international shipping for those who live overseas.

More info: JEKCA | Facebook (h/t: cheezburger)