People Shared The Most Ridiculous Real Estate Photos

21. Ideal Bedroom For Your Least Favourite Child

real estatechuffmunky

22. Bedroom Toilets And Flying Saucers


23. The Castle Garage

real estatecrakke86

24. Yeah, Certainly Not My Taste In Decor But It’s Not Exces— Dear God What Is All That?


25. Someone Found A Great Home Improvement Deal On Tile…

real estatewills2003

26. When You Buy The Light Package Before The House


27. Lovecraftian Nightmare Geometry

real estatecrod242

28. I’ve Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Columns…


29. One Room Studio Apartment In San Francisco. This Is It, This Is The Apartment. Total Steal For $1400/Month

real estateDecent-Brilliant3615

30. Tubular