10+ Heartwarming Rescue Pet Photos (Part II)

1. My Wife And I Were Warned About Adopting A Second Cat. Within A Few Days, The Older One (Brown) Was Snuggling, Grooming, And Spending Every Minute With Her.

rescue pets

2. This Is Aretha, A Rescue Cow. She Groomed My Legs With Her Tongue Then Fell Asleep. She’s A Good Girl


3. Got A New Puppy And He Doesn’t Like Sleeping Alone. Came Downstairs To This


4. This Is Amy We Rescued Her On Valentine’s Day. She’s Been Living At The Shelter For Over A Year And No One Wanted Her Because She Has Weight Issues. But I Do As Well So We’re On A Diet Together. I’ll Post Updates Of Her Weight Loss Journey


5. This Is Milo The Rescue Kitty. She Is Blind So I Remind Her About 20 Times A Day Of How Beautiful She Is

rescue cats

6. The Love Of A Rescue Dog

rescue dogs

7. Couldn’t Decide A Name So I Just Kept Calling Her Little. So Meet Little!

rescued pets

8. We Rescued This Little Guy From The Streets. His Face Can Melt Hearts…

rescue dogs


9. The Day I Adopted Her

rescue dogs

10. Adopted Her Today! Finally Peeking Out Of The Couch