A Woman Changed The Story Line By Adopting A Fearful Cat Which No One Wanted

Shy cat couldn’t find any adopter due to the way she fear humans. Before a woman came for her to provide a home, it took years.

Meet Ayame!


Ayame’s human said she was found as a stray along with litter of kittens on the street of NYC. Right before her all the kitten were adopted after which she was sent to a high-kill shelter.

When she has only 24 hours left to live, a rescue team saved her and sent her to a foster home.

Along with Ayame is another kitten from the same shelter, so both lives were saved by the local rescue group on that day.

For more than 3 years the beautiful panther girl was still very fearful, couldn’t find a home and always shy away from any potential adopters. It is well known to the rescue team that all she needed is a chance to experience love.

A young woman was looking for a cat to adopt on September 10, 2016, she asked for a “non-clingy cat”, the group immediately thought about Ayame. She took her home right away after answering yes.


She was named after an Iris flower in Japanese called Ayame, the human who adopt her said her family has a naming scheme for cats whereby they are being named after a plant from the season they got them.

Ayame refused to come out, spending most of her time under her human’s bed on her first day in the new home.


She started coming out after five days of adoption when she learnt that her new home wasn’t that bad.

“She will definitely learn to trust but slowly and gradually”


Ayame warmed up to her human mom and decided that she was OK after two month of stay and later became a little supervisor by watching her run errands around the house.

Although she has made an incredible progress but still I can’t pet her normally and also she is slightly afraid.


Nowadays she has ceased to hide and always come out of her shell.

Ayame loves to sit on dresser or use it as bed most especially clean laundry.


Her adopter keep trying for few months but the shy kitty still wouldn’t allow pets.

They knew she will learn to love all she need is a little more time as every step she made brought joy to her family.


One day she cuddled her human’s earmuffs and couldn’t get enough of it.


This led to more cuddling of her human’s clothing.

She gradually gets closer and closer to opening her heart completely as if she was trying to show affection through her clothes.


The first time she was petted by her human mom……

Monumental moment while I train her to trust: I was able to pet her (albeit she was a bit reluctant.)

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Surprisingly Ayama was petted like a normal kitty and this occurs some days ago

After almost a year she was rescued, she ceased to shy from human touch. Loving and trusting human has been part of her.

Today, it’s been almost a year since she was rescued from death row, the kitty they found has learned to love, trust and no longer shy away from human touch.

Getting petted like a normal kitty for the first time!!!!

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